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Articulate Storyline

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Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is software that can be used to create interactive e-learning courses. Articulate Storyline is suitable for both novice and professional users. Articulate Storyline offers developers almost unlimited possibilities for preparing complex interactive scenarios.

The application implements all the tools for building curriculum scripts without using Flash or programming. Articulate Storyline has a simple user interface and intuitive features. The system has training courses, templates, guides, tips and free downloads from the developer’s site.

Features of Articulate Storyline:

  • Intuitive user interface. The simple interface allows you to create courses from scratch or from templates without requiring additional user training. The logic and interface are similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • New text editing capabilities and font support give developers finer control over the look and feel of their courses. With the WYSIWYG text editor, you can enhance your text by adjusting spacing, alignment, size and color, inserting special font characters and bullets.
  • Interactivity. Use triggers to determine when to activate certain actions. Work with slide layers to create multiple interactions between components on a slide. Creation, editing, and control of object interactions on slides.
  • Movable panel. Course designers can move trigger panels, slide layers, and more anywhere on the desktop, or even to a different monitor.
  • Import videos of all types and formats, including screenshots recorded using Storyline.
  • The program interface is available in English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.
  • Slide templates. Create slides from scratch or use a template. Easy customization of template parameters. Ability to download additional courses and slide templates from the E-Learning Heroes website.
  • Character. Add to your slides up to 47,000 picture and photo character combinations, facial expressions, and poses.
  • An intuitive visual timeline lets you add objects, animations and other elements at the right place at the right time.
  • View the history of creating and modifying courses.
  • States and variables. Ability to customize objects to respond to student actions. For example, buttons can change color when pressed, characters can change facial expressions when the wrong action is performed, etc. Presentation of dynamic content based on user actions and conditions determined by the author. For example, if a student answers incorrectly, they may be presented with a slide with additional questions or simpler assignments.
  • An interactive “slider” will allow students to manipulate data, manipulate objects and navigation, and explore cause and effect relationships between objects.
  • A set of themes for course design. Ability to apply built-in design themes that include various colors, fonts, and objects. You can use the same theme throughout the course, or apply a different theme to different slides.
  • Record what happens on the screen. The tape shows students how to work with the e-course. Also includes the ability to zoom, pan, add captions and symbols to the recording.
  • Automatic file recovery in case of system failure.
  • Storyline 2 contains 10 new effects for the beginning and end of the course and 15 new effects for transitions between slides.
  • New trigger for the crown.
  • New paths and triggers help you easily create interactive animations, drills, games, etc.
  • Uses Articulate Studio, Storyline, Excel and PowerPoint projects.
  • Ability to create animation effects and apply them to various objects.
  • Record what happens on the screen. The tape shows students how to work with the e-course.
  • Rapid inspection material construction. With over 25 question types and a shuffle mode, you can test fast. In addition, freeforms allow you to create questions using any object on the slide.
  • Drag-and-drop support. Add objects to the slide by dragging and dropping.
  • Simulation software. Make more accurate software simulations, demos, and tests. After recording the screen once, Storyline will automatically split the recording into multiple searches. These entries are easy to edit – if something goes wrong, they don’t need to be re-created. As a result, students can see how to complete assignments, as well as work on them in test mode.
  • Support for HTML5 and Flash technology, as well as mobile devices. Publish courses in multiple formats to iPads, desktops, laptops, Android devices and more.
  • Support for Part 508, right-to-left language writing, SCORM and AICC standards (reporting).
  • Publish content compliant with Tin Can API 1.0-, SCORM- and AICC.
  • Correct errors, make edits and even change the start and end frames in the recording without the need to re-record. In this case, the original version of the video file is preserved.
  • Ability to easily create, import and edit video, audio and images without conversion or complicated coding.
  • Use of video in uncompressed format to exclude the learner’s possible loss of important information, to better understand how learners have learned the material, and to adequately use video material in teaching.
  • Course localization to other languages, support for right-to-left language writing (Arabic and Hebrew).
  • Export course text in Microsoft Word or XML format, translation and re-import with all formats preserved. Write text using the characters required for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.



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Articulate Storyline

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