Ashampoo Burning Studio 22.0.8

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Ashampoo Burning Studio is a software that can be used to burn data, rip CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs reliably easily with a number of advanced multimedia features. Create your own movies and slideshows, modify existing discs, or create discs with video and animated menus.

Extract music from discs, instantly back up your files and at the same time create perfect covers for your projects! Burn important data to any drive with strong compression and password protection and say goodbye to data loss. Get ready for the new Burning Studio.

Features of Ashampoo Burning Studio:

  • H.265 – HEVC Ready
    Codecs are the lifeblood of multimedia projects. That’s why Ashampoo® Burning Studio 22 is counting on a new star: H.265 (also known as HEVC). This codec offers the same quality but 50% higher compression than its predecessor! Take advantage of a modern encoder and process your recordings on H.265, for example from digital cameras, cell phones or action cameras, with ease
  • Lightning-fast access to features
    Burning Studio has gained a lot of fans thanks to its clear menu structure and quick access to various functions. But everything can be done faster: choose your favorite module and create a shortcut on the Desktop for quick access to the module. Every module is supported! Jump to your destination in just seconds and with just one click
  • Rip your music more comfortably with covers, metadata, and more
    Ripping discs is always very useful and easy in Burning Studio. The program will automatically recognize the contents of the disk and load the appropriate metadata and cover art automatically. This technology has been significantly redesigned in Burning Studio 22 for faster and more accurate detection of covers, artists, song titles, and more. This is the fastest and most convenient ripping feature of all Burning Studio
  • Important product service
    Information technology, including operating systems, file formats, and hardware, is constantly changing. For this reason, we’ve updated and reworked the basics of Ashampoo® Burning Studio 22. The burn and conversion procedures have been carefully researched, tested and refined to perfection. More than 200 car radio profiles have been added, as well as various improvements in multimedia work. And don’t forget the looks: this is the loveliest Burning Studio of all
  • Create your videos and slideshows with ease
    With Burning Studio 22, there is no limit to what you can do! Trim your video and add opening and closing credits with just a few clicks. Videos with poor alignment can be aligned right away. Subtitles will help convey your message, and a finished theme or image will give your work the look you want. Impress your friends and family with impressive slideshows with background music and turn your cherished memories into visual masterpieces. The new H.265 decoder provides more flexibility when creating high-quality projects. Whether it’s a family vacation, work event or vacation, brilliant results are guaranteed with this recording software
  • The best plan for safe backup
    Do you save your files to the cloud? Why not keep your files at home and burn them to CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc? Burning Studio 22’s easy-to-use backup plan does the hard work for you. It’s easy to back up your important data! Also, the program will remind you of the next backup! Managing backups is also seamless, thanks to one-click updates and backup restores. It couldn’t be simpler! And don’t worry if your files won’t fit on one disc. Our disk deployment technology takes care of this and automatically distributes your archives across multiple volumes, not forgetting compression and password protection for maximum security
  • Sounds for music and audiobooks in your car
    When you burn a disc for your car radio, it is always very important to choose the correct format, otherwise you will lose the order of the songs, or even not be able to play them at all. The new Burning Studio will put an end to this nightmare! With over 1,800 templates and profiles for all major car radios, your disc will work exactly the way you want it. The program also supports multiple disk emulators with equalizer and normalization support. Song or Audiobook – Burning Studio gives you the best listening experience on the go, in the right order
  • Very easy way to copy discs and burn music files
    Need to extract tracks from a music disc? The smart ripping feature in Ashampoo® Burning Studio rips music from music discs in minutes! You don’t have to fill in artist and genre details – it all happens automatically. Turn your music discs into meaningful, high-quality audio files in one of your favorite formats! Usually, you can turn your files into music discs by applying equalizer settings and adjusting the volume for the best music experience. Don’t forget to add your own cover. It sounds good? And there is
  • The fast track to completing a film project
    Ashampoo® Burning Studio offers you a shortcut to a successful project. When timing is critical, it only takes a few clicks to combine images and videos with the appropriate music to create your movie. No complicated menus or manual work. If necessary, you can manually adjust the transition and display duration of the elements to add more personality. Either way, just one extra click and you’re done
  • The right format for any film!
    Creating and recording videos on your PC is one of Ashampoo® Burning Studio’s strengths! To make movies compatible with different players, they can be converted to the appropriate format. Burning Studio supports MPEG4, H.265 and AAC, as well as audio formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG and many more. Record everything from simple telephone recordings to ambitious videos. Safe and stylish. Only with Burning Studio
  • Recover data from disks with damaged surfaces with scratch protection
    Anti-scratch technology that is proven to keep your data safe. Scratches can render the disk unusable and the data unrecoverable. Ashampoo Burning Studio 22 will get rid of any fear of scratches by placing multiple copies of your data on disk along with a recovery tool! This way you can always recover valuable files and memory even if the disk gets scratched.
  • Work with ISO or CUE / BIN disc images with ease
    Professionals and beginners alike can easily work with disc images such as our ISO, CUE / BIN or ASHDISC formats. Ashampoo® Burning Studio has support for all of these formats. Easily copy, create, burn and view disc images, and enjoy the built-in image viewer. Naturally, creating a disk image shouldn’t cause you any problems, but it may take a little while.
  • Make the perfect cover for any disc
    Cover designs and inserts have always been Burning Studio’s strengths. An intuitive start menu immediately points you in the right direction. All that’s left is to choose a suitable image. Step by step you make your own cover. Save time and effort – the import function allows you to analyze the disk and automatically download metadata from the Internet and create track lists. If you need to make a cover quickly from scratch, you won’t be disappointed



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Ashampoo Burning Studio 22.0.8

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