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DipTrace is software that can be used for a professional yet easy-to-use schematic and PCB design system that allows you to import designs from P-CAD and other software.

Features of DipTrace:

  • Intuitive user interface. The multilevel hierarchy and support for multi-sheet diagrams allow you to design complex schemes quickly and efficiently. Converting schemas to boards, updating projects from modified schemas, and back-annotating are all done with one click. All objects are highlighted during the operation. This tutorial contains step-by-step recommendations and guides you through all the steps of creating a board.
  • Convenient manual and automatic positioning
    The Arrange, List Positioning, and Auto Part Arrangement features help you quickly and easily optimize component placement and board dimensions.
  • Efficient search capabilities
    Modern meshless autorouters are able to efficiently and quickly route complex multilayer boards with various component types, and simple two-layer projects. Grid routers can be used on simple single ply jumper boards. Specctra DSN / SES support allows the use of an external router. Advanced manual routing tools allow you to design custom boards quickly and efficiently. Unlimited board size.
  • Comprehensive project inspection
    Extensive design verification options at various stages of manufacture allow you to identify errors before sending files to the manufacturer. The inspection includes the following stages: automatic checking of new components in the library, detecting possible error signs and minimizing the “human factor”; Checking the validity of the connections in the diagram (ERC); checking of gaps, dimensions and various fault marks on the board (DRC); check the integrity of the connection on the board; comparison with the schematic. Errors are displayed in list form and displayed in the project, it is possible to fix them “quickly” by restarting the examination.
  • 3D board preview
    The 3D preview function simulates the appearance of the final product, allowing to identify imperfections in the layout before it goes into production. Thanks to the hardware accelerated graphics, it is possible to rotate and scale the device models in real time. More than 2.5 thousand 3D case models are included with this program.
  • Circuit simulation
    Exporting the schematic diagram in Spice-netlist (.cir) format will allow you to simulate your device in LT Spice or other external simulator.
  • Export Import
    Import and export functions allow you to work with schematic diagrams, boards and libraries in other EDA and CAD application formats: DXF, P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD and Eagle, as well as work with net lists: Accel, Allegro, Mentor, PADS, P -CAD, OrCAD, Protel 2.0 and Tango.
  • Create files for production
    On DipTrace you can get all the files necessary for production (Gerber RS-274X, Excellon N / C Drill, DXF). Vectorization allows you to export fonts and bitmaps to TrueType Gerber format.
  • Create your own library
    A convenient design tool for components and packages with automatic arrangement and numbering of pins according to defined rules allows you to create components of any size and complexity in minutes.



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