DRS Data Recovery System

DRS Data Recovery System

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DRS Data Recovery System is a software which can be used for data recovery which helps to easily and easily retrieve and recover data from good and damaged media such as HDD. With integration with core functions such as disk diagnostics, disk imaging, file recovery, firmware recovery, reporting, write protection and hash compute, more functional features such as fragment recovery, automatic RAIDx remapping, breakpoint recovery, USB 3.0 support are included in DRS. For digital forensics workflows without an external write blocker, a read-only port has been built into DRS to ensure data isn’t tampered with. In addition, DRS can produce and issue detailed reports so that the investigation process can be clearly documented.

Features of DRS Data Recovery System:

File recovery and cutting:

  • Full support for systems on NTFS, FAT16 / 32, exFAT, EXT2 / 3/4, HFS and HFS +, etc.
  • Supports PC, laptop, USB, SD card, CF card, TF card, Memory Stick, voice recorder, web server, IPC, CCTV and various virtual storage files as well as hexadecimal representation. Supported formats include DD images (as well as mobile images), EO1 images, ISO images, etc.
  • Support for RAID rebuilding, including RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID5e, RAID5ee and HP double-loop, enabling automatic / manual analysis options.
  • ExtremeRI provides first-class DRS chunk recovery technology, diving into free sectors to scan chunks and recover files using basic computing. DRS offers the expected results for damaged photo and file recovery, overcoming the limits of data recovery.
  • File system search and analysis support, which mainly includes file scanning, file search, keyword search, disk search, file classification, encrypted file analysis, suspicious file analysis, confidential file analysis, MFT file analysis and registry analysis.
  • Support for viewing thumbnails.
  • Support for scanning for lost partitions, and selective partition checking based on partition type and size.
  • Supports fast scanning mode and advanced scanning mode, which makes data recovery more flexible and efficient.
  • Support for breakpoint recovery function, which skips recovered files to reduce recovery time.

Disk diagnostics and software recovery:

  • Be able to scan the source disc first. Thanks to the fairly new FastCheck technology, it allows a quick check in 5 seconds, avoiding increased risk of damage to storage piles and greatly reducing operating risks.
  • Fast recovery from common firmware problems, hidden sectors and unlocking ATA encryption.
  • Two bad sector modes are offered for hard drives, fast scan and deep scan to detect hard drive bad sectors.
  • Support for viewing data in any sector.
  • Building on the core value of the experience gained over the past 15 years, DRS is committed to providing a complete solution for firmware crashes by supporting all popular brands including Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Hitachi, Samsung, Fujitsu and Toshiba, totaling thousands of versions. .

Disc image:

  • DRS High-Image Image Module works with common hard drives, USB flash cards, CF cards and TF cards, etc. It can copy and clone data from HDDs, USB flash memory, CF cards and memory cards, which are widely used to copy HDD in bytes and hard disk images in digital forensics.
  • Support for imaging in bad sectors, providing solutions for disk freezes while imaging, and even for non-functional sector data, etc. The user can adjust the precision configuration to load data for the sector and sector where the copy error occurred. The entire imaging process is displayed in real time. With anti-stick technology, DRS offers the ideal solution for bad sector imaging.
  • Supports data copying for IDE / SATA, HDD, USB Flash, CF card and TF card at high speed, and fast copying of bad sector hard drives with IDE / SATA / USB ports.
  • Apply UDMA-133 conversion technology, and the test copy speed reaches 12 GB / min.
  • Support to read data fast forward / rewind or read multiple times to retrieve more data.



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DRS Data Recovery System

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