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Luminar AI 1.5.1 (8660)

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Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a software that can be used to edit images that are completely based on artificial intelligence. This means Luminar AI will help you get the job done as quickly and accurately as possible, guided by the user’s artistic skills.

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Features of Luminar AI:

  • Templates. Templates are identical in appearance and preset. It’s a collection of settings stored in a single file that you can easily apply to your images. Luminar AI comes with several ready-to-use templates that you can choose from. You will see “For this photo” in the upper right corner – this feature analyzes the photo and provides a guide or template specifically to get you started.
  • AI composition. To make things easier, it’s a smart auto-trimming tool. When you use Composition AI, it automatically detects the subject and determines the best way to frame the image. It also corrects photo alignment and eliminates any unwanted tilt or distortion as best it can. The AI-driven crop is the result of machine learning using the thousands of cropped photos suggested by the photographer testing it.
  • AI atmosphere. Atmosphere AI adds mood and drama by adding fog or fog to your images, and it’s great. However, you still have to make some adjustments by adjusting the amount, depth and brightness to your liking. It is the perfect addition to your pictures if you miss those blurry morning moments.
  • Sky AI. Sky AI, or better known as a sky replacement tool: in Luminar AI, they changed the name and made it more intuitive to use, especially when blending with images. You can choose to re-light the scene based on the sky you choose, add atmospheric fog, and even change the white balance to suit your scene. You can also make it easier to blend in with the sky by using a horizon overlay. It is important to note that this text was taken from
  • Augmented Sky AI. Augmented sky is a feature that lets you add objects to the sky, usually a group of clouds for example, to add drama. You can drag this object across the image to where you want it. Like other options, you can also change the color temperature or re-light the subject depending on the scene.
  • Accent AI, Sky Enhancer AI, and Structure AI. Accent AI identifies areas with brightness, contrast and color issues and balances them optimally. Sky Enhancer does pretty much the same thing, but only focuses on the sky and makes it natural. Structure AI adds individual details without adding noise. It’s very similar to Lightroom’s clarity, but doesn’t add any unnecessary detail, like a blue sky.
  • AI face. Face AI is similar to AI Portrait Enhancer in Luminar 4, but they improved it and added Thin Face, which identifies the face of the subject and can easily adjust its shape based on user preferences. It also has mouth aids such as saturated lips, redness and others.
  • Slice AI. The AI ​​iris focuses on the subject’s eye to maximize eye detail. It adds tools that can be used to change eye color, size, eyebrows, and several other characteristics of an object.
  • AI skin. AI Skin is AI Skin Enhancer which is renamed from Luminar 4. It is a very useful tool for removing blemishes and skin shine.
  • Body AI. Body AI is a tool that makes the body appear lighter or heavier with adjustments that don’t degrade the image. It automatically detects the body in any light and in any position, whether it is walking or just standing.



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Luminar AI 1.5.1 (8660)

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