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MyDraw is software that can be used to help with flowcharts, electronic diagrams, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, general business diagrams, and blueprints. MyDraw is the best Microsoft Visio alternative for Windows.

Including a library with hundreds of diagrams and symbol shapes, templates, powerful drawing tools, automatic diagram layouts, advanced printing and export capabilities, and more, MyDraw is the perfect diagramming solution for your business or personal project.

Features of MyDraw:

  • Visio compatibility
    MyDraw is the best Microsoft Visio® alternative for Windows and macOS (Mac OS X). You can use MyDraw to import Visio® drawing files (import VSD, VDX and VSDX) to easily convert and work with your diagrams on Apple MacOS and Windows Operating Systems. With MyDraw you can also export Visio® drawings (export VDX and VSDX).
  • Hundreds of sample diagrams and templates
    MyDraw includes many ready-to-use templates for flowcharts, organization charts, flyers, certificates and business cards, and various types of diagrams. You can easily get started by editing an existing chart template or by creating your own.
  • Advanced drawing tools
    MyDraw comes with a large set of drawing tools to help you easily create any shape you need and customize it to suit your corporate identity or personal needs. You can freely draw shapes with the Nurbs tool, or use the composition functions (Union, Intersect, Subtract, and Exclusive Or) to create new shapes from the main one. In addition, you can combine simple shapes into groups and create complex and complex shapes. Save it in your own library for later use and editing at any time.
  • Advanced print and export options
    With MyDraw, you can export diagrams as images (PNG, JPEG and BMP) or vector PDF, SVG and EMF files with just a few clicks. You can export high-resolution images, create printable images even on billboards. MyDraw lets you choose page margins (i.e., how much space is free between the end of the page and the end of the chart / image), paper orientation, zoom level, and more.
  • Automatic chart layout
    MyDraw comes with lots of automated layouts to help you organize your diagrams quickly. Whether your diagram is large or small, you can expand it to perfection in just a few clicks. Each layout type provides many additional options, allowing you to customize the layout to suit your specific needs. Just create a diagram without spending extra time aligning the shapes, and once you’re done, go to the Arrange -> Layout Shapes tab and organize your diagram.
  • Strong Rich Text Support
    MyDraw has strong support for text and text formatting. With the advanced text formatting features in MyDraw, you can make your diagrams stand out. You have control over text fonts, text styles, paragraph alignment, bullets and numbering, and much more.
  • Spell checker and spell checker
    MyDraw includes a spell checker compatible with the Open Office dictionary (Hunspell Spell Check Dictionary .OXT). By default, MyDraw is equipped with dictionaries of English (US), Bulgarian (Bulgaria), German (Germany), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Portuguese (Portugal), and Russian (Russia). You can change the scanning language or load an external one from the tab Overview -> Language.
  • ESRI Shapefile Import to draw a map
    MyDraw supports importing geographic map data from the popular ESRI shapefile format. This makes it the ideal software solution for drawing maps. The shapefile format is a popular geospatial vector data format for geographic information systems (GIS) software.
  • Barcode
    With MyDraw, you can insert line and matrix barcodes into charts. Barcode widgets in MyDraw can help you insert additional information in your diagrams and images.
  • User interface localization
    You can change the MyDraw user interface to the language of your choice. Currently supported languages ​​include: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bulgarian and Russian. If you are interested in translating MyDraw into your language, do not hesitate to contact the MyDraw team.
  • GEDCOM family tree
    MyDraw supports import and export in GEDCOM format. This makes it the ideal tool for creating tree structure diagrams. GEDCOM files are simple text containing pedigree information about individuals and the metadata that links all of these records.
  • Combine letters
    MyDraw comes with a built-in merge function. Create a chart, insert mail merge fields and link your chart to your contact database. You can map any field in your database and display it in a graph. When the fields match, you can choose to keep a copy of the chart (image) for each value in your database, or send an email directly to all recipients.



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MyDraw 5.0.2

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