OrionX for Adobe Photoshop

OrionX for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.0

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OrionX for Adobe Photoshop is a software that can be used for photographer needs to save post-production time. OrionX is the result of long study and research to be able to provide the best in any context, any time, and even get beginners to do work that will last for hours, in seconds/minutes. It is a concentrate of technology and innovation with a fully automated process and knows how to handle any situation: overexposed highlights, underexposed shadows, oversaturated colors and more.

Features of OrionX for Adobe Photoshop:

  • Full control section
    In fact, thanks to OrionX, you have complete control over invisible details, pixel by pixel. In fact, the new OrionX technology has the ability to automatically select multiple distracting objects and remove them automatically.
  • vivid image
    Thanks to TMMLC (Tonality Masks Micrometric Light Control) technology, you can micrometrically select the light, shadow and midtones of warm and cool colors, creating the perfect combination of detail and color. Plus, with TMMLC, you can say goodbye to the bursts of color that appear when you increase the brightness slider.
  • Light and shadow control
    OrionX is the result of continuous research and research, for that the research team decided to implement an HDR function that uses 32-bit floating point numbering. That is, the brightness value of the HDR image is stored in 32-bit floating point. In fact, by taking 3 or more pictures with different exposures, thanks to this function, you can have maximum control over light and shadow even where it is not possible.
  • Advanced Fusion x
    The new Fusion X features let you maximize stacking performance without the need for third-party software or separate plugins. In fact, the FusionX algorithm works not only with simple stacks, but also with dark frame reduction. Just select an image and let the innovative algorithm do the work.
  • Complete cleaning
    When innovation is combined with experience, the perfect combination is often created.
    Hot Pixel Removal is the ultimate solution to all landscape photographers’ problem: hot pixels. Just click on the feature and let it do the work for you! You will see all the burned pixels disappear without leaving any artifacts.
  • Illumination mask
    Improve post-processing accuracy with luma masks! Thanks to them, you can automatically select and mask highlights, shadows and midtones.
  • The right atmosphere
    The development team has included three types of orthonite effects in OrionX, from classic to dynamic. These effects allow you to create an aura of magic around your photos without losing detail:
    they are widely used in landscape photography (day and night), because the person observing them subconsciously feels satisfaction and “freedom” with the subsequent evaluation of the frame.
  • Super sharpness
    We defy the law of violence by testing and trying our best. That’s why we can give you 4 functions to give your photos amazing detail!
  • Invisible details
    With the “boost” function, you can estimate details of the Milky Way (or nebula / galaxy) that you couldn’t imagine with a single click. This feature is designed to include hours and hours of post-production and mechanics in one click.
  • starting fluid
    OrionX, in addition to the classic function for combining images, has many functions to make your start smooth and smooth, so we can say goodbye to dotted lines, thanks to OrionX, the problem no longer arises.
  • More signals from your files
    We’ve also implemented a feature that mimics the h-alpha and OIII channels to get the most out of your files.
  • Perfect color
    With 3 automatic color correction functions, you can always get the perfect color with just one click.
  • Restoration of light and shadow
    Restore shadows and highlights, even if you take photos with strong contrast. OrionX’s advanced recovery features allow you to balance snapshots well every time, even if the original files may look like snapshots about to be discarded.
  • Perfect contrast
    If you have low-contrast photography, OrionX is your choice, and features like Dynamic, HRLA, and Emphasize are ideal for those with contrast issues.



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OrionX for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.0

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