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Scrivener is a software which can be used to combine a text editor and a convenient project manager. That is, with its help you can not only type text, but also organize information for a future book or document.

For that purpose, the program even includes a dedicated manager that works with saved images, PDF documents, videos, music and web pages. It’s also important that Scrivener allows you to add a brief description to each file and leave author notes in the appropriate section.

This program supports full screen operation, thereby helping users to concentrate on the current project. She will be an indispensable assistant to writers, screenwriters, journalists, critics, translators, students and many others who have to work with texts.

We have before us a very valuable universal application with a well-thought-out user interface and many useful features. Scrivener is interested in a greater degree to be precise as a data organizer.

You can start as many projects as you like (for example, a project is a book). Within each project, folders are created for grouping data. For example, a folder could be part of a book that already includes individual chapters.

Any work on the book requires additional research, study material. When you create a new project in Scrivener, you automatically get a Research folder where you can store additional data. Not only text notes, but also PDFs, audio material, images.

Features of Scrivener:

  • The program can not only save statistics on documents. You can specify the amount of text you want and Scrivener will display your progress (how much is left to complete). This should motivate the writer to work.
  • Programs have better thinking with typography. Instead of using “quotes”, you can use “Christmas tree”
  • Easier jobs with links to sources. You can write links to documents and local URLs on the Web in the Document Reference section.
  • For each document, you can write a synopsis – a summary. Then the text fragments are placed on a special board in the form of a leaflet. All of this resembles a real work in a book, not virtual
  • Allows you to work with multiple documents at the same time
  • Supports auto-saving of projects after a certain period of time
  • Supports script development
  • It has a comfortable and well thought out user interface. The only thing that confuses you is the need to take the photo yourself (ie not automatically).



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