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Starus Office Recovery 3.9

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Starus Office Recovery

Starus Office Recovery is software that can be used to recover deleted documents and files stored on an inaccessible, corrupted and formatted partition. Support for memory cards and flash drives allows you to quickly recover documents from external and portable media.

The program supports all popular document, spreadsheet, and presentation formats created by applications from Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, including DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, RTF, HTML, and many others. Adobe PDF files are also recoverable.

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Features of Starus Office Recovery:

  • Recovery algorithm: best in class
    Starus Office Recovery works at a low level, bypassing the high-level file access functions provided by Windows. The result is the ability to recover even those files, information about which was completely lost and inaccessible in the file system. Signature scanning algorithms search for files based on their content, not by records in the file system. As a result, the product can recover document files from formatted discs and repartitioned devices, and from unreadable memory cards and flash drives. The combination of algorithms used in Starus Office Recovery provides a product with best-in-class performance and recovery quality.
  • Guaranteed recovery
    If you have ever used a file recovery program, you may have come across situations where it shows several thousand files available for recovery, but in reality it was able to recover at most a dozen. This is not the case with Starus Office Recovery! We guarantee that all the documents that the program displays in the list of files available for recovery will be properly recovered and can be opened in the respective office applications in normal mode. This feature is provided by a mandatory initial check of the integrity of every file found. If the document found is “corrupt” and unusable, the program will not add it to the list and clutter the file output window with useless trash.
  • Complete recovery of files and folder structure
    If the system service information or file and folder location table is deleted, overwritten, or corrupted, Starus Partition Recovery will restore the entire data structure – file and folder names, their location, etc. Using full analysis mode, the tool will scan all corrupted storage media to index all data available for recovery. After the scanning process is complete, the program will create a new file system from scratch and build the file and folder structure as before.
  • Built-in view of deleted files
    Starus Office Recovery provides the ability to preview deleted files before you recover them. This feature will help you ensure document integrity and recover the latest versions of many saved working copies. The built-in document viewer does not require third-party applications or programs from the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Recover the widest document formats
    Starus Office Recovery supports the maximum number of popular document, spreadsheet, and presentation formats created by Microsoft Office and OpenOffice applications. Supported files include Microsoft Word documents in RTF, DOC / DOCX formats; Excel table in XLS / XLSX format; RTF files, HTML files, OpenOffice ODT documents, ODS, ODP and many more. Adobe PDF files are also supported.
  • Recover accidentally deleted documents
    With Starus Office Recovery, you can recover deleted documents from the Windows Recycle Bin or by pressing Shift + Del in a matter of minutes. The fast recovery mode scans only the file system, restoring the list of files available for recovery in a few seconds. The built-in recovery wizard walks you through the entire process in a few simple steps.
  • Recovery of destroyed documents
    Malicious Trojan programs often result in deletion of user documents. Torn documents can be recovered with Starus Office Recovery! Even if a document is deleted without using the recycle bin, and the related entries in the file system are accidentally destroyed, Starus Office Recovery will scan the entire disk surface and recover the destroyed documents.
  • Recovery from virus attacks
    Some viruses block computers by destroying or encrypting the contents of the disk boot sector. The drive cannot be opened using Windows tools; the system will ask you to format the media. Disagree! Starus Office Recovery works in low-level mode, easily accessing inaccessible disks and portable storage media. With Starus Office Recovery, you can recover working documents in minutes.
  • Recover unsaved documents to disk
    Did you know that Microsoft Office applications regularly save working copies of documents automatically? Even if you don’t manage to save the document to disk, Starus Office Recovery will be able to find and recover temporary copies, saving you valuable time creating and editing them.
  • Recovering from damaged partitions
    If the file system is damaged or destroyed, Windows will not be able to open the drive. Thanks to low-level access algorithms, Starus Office Recovery can not only read inaccessible media by conventional means, but also recover data from it. This program can recover documents located on damaged and unreadable partitions, on disks without a file system and without partition tables, or with damaged partition tables. In addition, the program will correctly recover files lost as a result of changing the configuration of the partitions on the disk.
  • Recover from formatted disk
    Media was accidentally formatted? Did you click OK when asked to format your flash drive? Starus Office Recovery will recover documents from formatted media! The program reads the entire contents of the disk or drive, analyzes each sector, identifies and checks the integrity of all document files available on the media. And all this – in fully automatic mode!
  • Recover documents from all types of devices
    With Starus Office Recovery, you can recover documents from hard drives and solid-state drives, flash drives, memory cards, and external drives. The product supports two file systems: FAT and NTFS. All versions of this file system are supported, including the latest modifications used in Windows 8: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS4 and NTFS5.
  • Recover documents from memory cards and flash drives
    It’s easy to accidentally damage a memory card – just remove it from the device while recording information. In this case, the file system might get corrupted and Windows won’t be able to open the device when you insert it into the computer. Most likely, the system will ask you to format the memory card. Disagree! Formatting will only make the data recovery process more difficult, even if it doesn’t make it impossible. Run Starus Office Recovery and scan the device – the program will detect and recover all the documents provided on it.
  • Recovery of documents compressed with NTFS
    If you use fast data compression using operating system tools, Starus Office Recovery will help you recover deleted files – even if they are compressed. This program supports working with files compressed using NTFS. By the way, did you know that documents in the latest version of Microsoft Office are not compressed at all? In fact, DOCX, XLSX, and similar files are regular ZIP archives. It contains an XML file as well as all built-in objects. If you are using one of the latest versions of Microsoft Office and are saving documents in one of the formats listed, we recommend turning off NTFS compression – this will improve system performance.
  • Recovery from an unstable and damaged disk
    If your hard drive freezes, becomes unstable or causes a normal system crash, we recommend using the recovery mode from a virtual disk image. A virtual image is a file that contains an exact binary copy of a physical device or one of the partitions. For the safest recovery, create a disc image using Starus Office Recovery and use the product to recover documents from this image. This mode of operation minimizes the number of read operations, which dramatically increases the likelihood of successfully completing the operation.



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Starus Office Recovery 3.9

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