Wise Folder Hider Pro

Wise Folder Hider Pro

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Wise Folder Hider Pro is software that can be used to hide files and folders on a local or removable drive. Files will be hidden safely according to the advanced encryption algorithm. You can protect it with a password so that hidden data will be visible and can only be accessed after being introduced.

This data will not be accessible to other programs and operating systems, which will make it reliably protected. Compared to other folder hiding software, Wise Folder Hider Pro is the safest and easiest way to modify protected files. Apart from that, the program has an intuitive interface which will help beginners to work with it easily. With its speed and convenience, you can easily hide files and folders of your choice from prying eyes.

Other users won’t even guess about the presence of encrypted files on the drive, which will prevent further hacking or copying. The hidden data will also be protected from accidental or accidental uninstallation. Wise Folder Hider, unlike other programs that can offer multiple ways to hide information, offers the most effective of all.

All of your files may be completely invisible to outsiders. Every computer user will not even think that there is a hidden file, they will not know it, the file will be completely invisible to everyone. In addition, Wise Folder Hider will prevent accidental or accidental deletion of files, let’s say you know that there are files in a certain folder, delete those folders, and they will remain available, so you can’t even get rid of them.

Features of Wise Folder Hider Pro:

  • Encrypt Files & Folders
    To encrypt files, you need to create an encrypted partitioned drive first, then drag and drop your files and folders to the encrypted drive. The files and folders will be hidden and encrypted after you close the program. With its great protection, others will not be able to open, read, modify, delete, move, copy the encrypted files and folders, or even not be able to see them.
  • Hide Files & Folders
    With Wise Folder Hider, you can easily hide your files and folders. Protect your private or important data from unauthorized access and deletion. The second level password for specific file, folder or drive also increases security.
  • Hide USB drives
    In many cases, you need to share a USB drive with others and some sensible files will be read by others. With Wise Folder Hider 4, you can hide and password protect your personal file and folders on the USB stick with one click. Even the USB drive is lost, the important files will not be stolen.
  • Make Encrypted Files Portable
    The new version of encryption can let you manage the encrypted files in batches. What’s more, the encrypted drive is removable and portable. You can use it just like using a USB drive or even create the encrypted drive directly on the removable drive.
  • Multiple Layers of Password Protection
    When you first use Wise Folder Hider, you need to setup a login password. Inside the program, you can set a second level password for each file, folder, USB drive and encrypted drive. Anyone else can’t uninstall the program without login password or delete the protected and encrypted drive without the second level password.



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Wise Folder Hider Pro

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