Xmanager Power Suite

Xmanager Power Suite

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Xmanager Power Suite

Xmanager Power Suite is a software that can be used for integration of Unix (Linux) family of systems with Windows, including X server, SSH management client shell, secure ftp server, and print management tools. The applications included in the set are completely interconnected, work in the same design style, interface and dialog, provide secure access options, reliable file transfers, protection built into the SSH module, which forms a centralized management of all events and processes on the network with any configuration, complex segmentation, and across various network equipment.

Features of Xmanager Power Suite:

Installation and Deployment

  • Supports Windows Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame for Windows
  • Session Sharing for Windows Terminal Services
  • Silent Installation
  • Multi-user setup
  • Simple distribution of server sessions and profiles
  • User definable session path
  • Choose a program theme

X server

  • High performance X11R7 PC X server
  • GLX 1.3, the OpenGL 1.2 protocol extension
  • Rendering Extension Protocol X
  • RandR extension support
  • Multi-server setup
  • Multi-user setup
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Multi-network adapter
  • Multi-XDMCP session
  • Automatic display number assignment
  • Single and Multi-window mode
  • Panoramic views and automatic lift in local window control
  • Multi-visual
  • 256 colors rendering in True Color video devices
  • Automatic color change for PseudoColor display
  • Supports Store function
  • Complete Planemask functions for 256 color applications
  • Mouse wheel
  • 3 Button Mouse Emulation
  • Graphic keyboard editor
  • Change keyboard in real time by pressing key combinations
  • Sound files for XBell requests
  • Local resource base
  • Print windows in Multi-window mode
  • Automatic copy and paste between X applications and Windows applications
  • Notification area icon

Connect and Get Started

  • Xmanager (Xstart and XDMCP), Xshell, and Xftp session management in one place
  • Session Management for easy launch and management of multiple sessions
  • XDMCP, SSH, RSH, REXEC, RLOGIN and TELNET connection protocols
  • Up to 256 X client connections per Xmanager session
  • Shortcuts for Xstart and XDMCP sessions
  • Advanced settings to recognize login prompts and scripts for remote commands on Xstart
  • Secure XDMCP for XDMCP connections outside firewalls and private networks
  • IPv6 support
  • Support for Kerberos authentication (MIT Kerberos, Microsoft SSPI)
  • Multiple tabs in one window
  • Multiple tab groups in one window


  • Supports SSH1 / SSH2 protocol for public key authentication
  • Generate a public SSH key
  • SSH user authentication agent
  • Access control by the host
  • XDMCP connection using secure SSH tunnel (XDMCP Secure)
  • User-defined Master Password for added session password security


  • Font composer support
  • Font server support
  • Fonts in BDF, PCF format
  • Automatic font replacement
  • Additional font packs for multiple languages ​​and X applications.


  • Automatic copy and paste between X applications and Windows applications
  • Ability to print windows in multi-window mode
  • Interaction with Xshell and Xftp
  • Implement SSH / TELNET / SFTP / FTP connections from any Xmanager session



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Xmanager Power Suite

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